About Publicity Overload...
For most small and medium sized businesses a marketing department is a luxury. There may be no dedicated marketing personnel at all, or the marketing department may consist of one or two overstretched staff that have a number of other tasks heaped on them. Sound familiar?

So where does that leave your company? Struggling to keep up, probably.

Publicity Overload is a highly experienced marketing agency specialising in the business-to-business sector. We work with small and medium sized organisations acting as their marketing department or as an extension to the team.

Our services include:  
Traditional Digital
bullet_orangePublic Relations bullet_orangeWeb Site Design
bullet_orangeDesign for Print bullet_orangeEmail Marketing
bullet_orangePrint bullet_orangeSocial Media Strategy and Implementation
bullet_orangeDirect Mail bullet_orangeOnline Advertising
bullet_orangeAdvertising bullet_orangePresentations
bullet_orangeExhibition Services  
bullet_orangePromotional Merchandise